*The maintenance team shortly closes the pool for cleaning*

Sara: What are they doing?
Rodrigo: Cleaning the pool.
Sara: How do they clean it?
Rodrigo: With a filter.
Sara: What is a filter?
Rodrigo: What they use to clean the pool.
Sara: Okay.
Me: *dead*

Unintentionally long life update

Today is my day off!
I wish Rodrigo would come spend time with me.. This time he has a legit excuse, though. He hurt his back really badly at work last night. He can barely walk. So… I guess I can’t be mad at him for not coming over.
He hurt it while throwing a heavy bucket of mop water on the floor. He hasn’t been taking care of himself lately and it is catching up to him now. I’m worried about him. Not just physically, but mentally too. He has been having a very difficult time lately.

Meanwhile, I am doing fine. I’ve been working out everyday and spending quite a bit of time doing outside activities, so I am getting a lot of freckles. Having freckles makes me feel cute.
I’ve been feeling good. And strong. I have a therapist appointment on Thursday, so I have high hopes for that. I’ve been really optimistic about my future lately. And I got my first real paycheck a few days ago, and it’s the most money I have ever made on a single paycheck. After I pay all my bills and rent at the end of the month, I am still going to have about 400 dollars. I love this job and my pay is awesome!

I can’t believe in less than 9 weeks I will graduate. I will be a college graduate with an associates degree.
It feels good. I feel so accomplished.
And after I graduate, I am taking some time off to go to Louisiana. I haven’t been since March. And that is just wayyy too long.
AND to reward myself, I am going to get that tattoo I have been wanting for like two years now!

Well, I am going to go do something productive. Maybe Rosalie and I will go for a run.
And I should be a good girlfriend and go visit my sad and injured Rodrigo.
Truth is.. I just don’t like spending time at his house. They keep it SO hot there to where I can NOT get comfortable at all. Mike is always in a bad mood and that just brings me down. And all they ever do is just speak in Spanish to each other. I know some of what they are saying (I am still learning) but most of the time I just sit there awkwardly. And then they ask why I am always so shy and never talk, well I never know what y’all are talking about!! It’s not like I can chime into the conversation! It’s irritating.

I didn’t mean to start on a rant. I’m really going to go now. Bye TUMBLR!